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Empolyment Law

Over the past several decades, the workplace in the United States has become increasingly regulated. Collaborating with an attorney who understands the nuances of employment law is no longer optional, it’s necessary. Shari has assisted clients with everything from creating and integrating personnel policies, to preemptive counseling, to training management.

If there are claims made against your company, Shari will explore all possible avenues to resolve the claims first. She primarily tries to negotiate an equitable solution for all. Again, the goal is to avoid litigation and explore all possible avenues first. Serving as a consultant attorney for a number of companies, Shari has been able to neutralize otherwise contentious situations. When, however, litigation is on the table, then there is no one else you want representing you in a court of law.

To Shari, clients are partners. Her job is to ensure that your best interests are served.

Business Law

The cost of running a business is not merely measured in dollars, but also in time, energy, sweat equity, and sacrifice. Shari keenly understands this, and that’s why the companies with whom she partners benefit from her dedication to helping them excel in their respective industries.

One-size-fits all has no part in her approach to business law. Rather, she takes the time to get to know the individual or corporate owner, to anticipate relevant legal matters, and to devise a solution that comprehensively addresses their needs.

Whether you need help in planning for your business, guidance in operating your business, or defending your decision, Shari is the person you want as part of your team. She is able to help you draft and/or review policies, provide day-to-day advice on personnel issues, create or updating handbooks, even conduct managerial training. Her insights into the 21st century business climate have helped business create a culture that is consistent with best practices and current law.


While Shari’s primary objective is to help her clients without litigation, there are times when you may find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute; who do you want in your corner…obviously, an experienced trial attorney who has an extensive understanding of civil, business and commercial law. Not to mention one who has done the legwork as far as your company and its history are concerned.

Shari prides herself on providing straight-to-the-matter counsel on what might otherwise seem complicated cases. It’s about entering into these types of issues with a lawyer who’s been there before, and who understands precisely how to navigate the complexities of the case.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants as individuals, partnerships, shareholders, and corporations in the following types of cases:

Business Related Litigation

  • Fraud
  • Breach of Contract
  • Dissolution or Breakup of a Business
  • Unfair Business Practicesaud
  • Business Disputes
  • Trade Secrets
  • Non-Compete Covenants
  • Securities Matters
  • Breach of Warrenties
  • Mechanics' Liens
  • Employment Litigation


  • Administrative Law
  • Liquor License Violations